must try harder…

…or my ongoing attempt to read tarot.

As I wrote about last year (! I can’t believe it is another year),  I had begun to learn tarot.  After a rather frustrating beginning, I, with the reassurance of a dachshund tarot deck had started to make a wee bit of progress.  Sort of.

Since then, I have made definite strides in my understanding and enjoyment of the cards.  At least the cards themselves.  My enjoyment is discovering new decks.  Seeing the artist’s interpretation of each card is truly fascinating.  It is much like discovering a new author whose prose just ‘speaks’ to you.  Okay, I will type out the truth: I fear, if I don’t take preventative measures immediately, I may become a deck collector – but not a tarot reader!

To be fair to myself, I have made a great deal of progress.  I have a very (very and comparatively) basic grasp of the cards, but I have quite a way to travel before becoming an intuitive reader.  And yes there cards that I get and others that – hmmm – just not clicking.  An example:4BD67844-6604-46F4-8D33-D001B0E17401

The Moon card.  (This one is from The Textured Tarot.).  From the very start I liked this card.  It is, to me, a card of mystery and strength.  Of traversing the night bravely whilst staying on your path, of soaking in the energy of night and reaching a new understanding.  I’ve never gotten the lobster.   However, many many many (okay all of them) readers and writers of books hate/fear this card.  They say the dark combined with the full moon symbolizes the unknown and having to rely on your intuition. To get this card means you are controlled by inner fears, paranoia, anxiety, and mental instability, and if you get this card stop what you are doing and run!  One goes as far to say that if it appears in reverse you need to seek professional help.  Yikes.  I may be in trouble here.  What am I missing?  or…..I have discovered one reader who says this card means ‘stay on your path’.  Hmmmm

 So as you see, I am still facing a steep uphill climb.  or am I?  I can’t be sure but every so often, things do make sense.  Sometimes a a couple of cards will make a sentence.  But I haven’t given up.  I am still muddling through!