sun please- or January – will it ever end?

I am in a serious…not really depression…a bit blue?, maybe…at loose ends? aha!;  a malaise.

Let’s pause for a moment and consider what a marvelous word.  Malaise.  A bit depressed, blue mood, a tad twitchy, not really unwell but definitely not right and terribly Edwardian (isn’t it? or maybe Victorian, at least in English.. much longer I’m sure for French – oh well – you get the point).  Cranky but with style.

Back to the point:  my little area of the world has had snow and bitter cold and the accompanying treacherous roads making one and all doubly housebound.  (The first housebound (at least for me) is a really wild outbreak that is determined not to peak and fall.)  No lovely sun – until today – but still too cold for enjoyment.  I know.  Grumpy.  But with the sun putting in an appearance, I do feel a bet perkier and a bit guilty for complaining when I know there are many without to keep themselves warm.  Hmm.  Now I’m feeling guilty and cranky.

Okay.  No more sulking.  I’ll make a hot chocolate and read the silliest book on my shelves.  And hope this passes quickly and/or I shake myself out of it. Oh my.  a bad thought here… March is usually my malaise(y) month!  I promise not to type anything in the month of March! Be cheery today for me!