I baked!

I haven’t done this in years.  I have always loved to cook.  In my family, everyone participated in meal preparation.  Over the years, one moved from fetching canned goods, to greasing the baking dish, cleaning veggies (chopping came much much later – possibly that was just me?), all the way through to the retirement ages – sitting at the table grating cheese, sipping wine, and maybe, having a bit of a gossip. Baking of course is different thing altogether.  

It is said ‘bakers are born, not made’.  

My Grandma was a born baker and no-one can match Mom’s flaky pie crust.  Me.  I can’t say my baking skills come anywhere close to Mom’s or Grandma’s,  but I can hold my own with most recipes.  But…I haven’t baked in years.

Over this past holiday season, I received a King Arthur’s Baking Company catalog.  It was beautiful.  I said, I’m on a diet or at least watching my sugar intake and I put it on the pile with the other catalogs.  Another one arrived.  I said, I’m trying not eat all that much and watching umm my um…Drat.  So… yesterday, I made The King Arthur Baking Company’s Gluten Free Scone Mix.  (The adorable mini scone baking dish is sold separately and was on sale when I placed my order.).  It was perfect!  I can highly recommend this mix and I can’t wait to try their other mixes. But not too soon ’cause I am sort of umm…still on that um diet thing….

Anyway, thanks for reading!