I’m tickled paisley

I got my second Covid-19 vaccine on Friday!

The first shot had left me feeling a bit sickly for a week. This one had me brain foggy, groggy, inattentive (my sincerest apologies to the very nice person I inadvertently very nearly ran over with my shopping cart in Trader Joe’s. I swear I didn’t think I was that close.), and a bit crotchety for four days. But…. an imaginary drumroll here if you please….my head has cleared! In a couple of weeks, I will be secure in the knowledge I can – with exercising common sense caution – expand my world!

Wheels in motion – plans being made – and a minor celebration is in order. First, to my hair stylist! Haven’t a clue what that color is that’s growing in, (murky brown with gray highlights?) but I shall return to my new natural auburn. Next, a tour of my favorite independent bookstores – I can smell my credit card smoking already -purchases to be enjoyed with a cup from my neighborhood coffee shop. And lastly, a trip to the gluten free bakery across town with a reputation for being the best in town. I’ve only eaten her delightful baked goods once, but I know I’ll want to buy a cake when I get there. To be washed down at home with a bottle of my favorite Prosecco.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.