I baked!

I haven’t done this in years.  I have always loved to cook.  In my family, everyone participated in meal preparation.  Over the years, one moved from fetching canned goods, to greasing the baking dish, cleaning veggies (chopping came much much later – possibly that was just me?), all the way through to the retirement ages… Continue reading I baked!

a lovely(ish) day

I awoke to find out it is January 14. I feel like my accustomed sense of time has all but evaporated. Instead of progressing in a sort of one foot in front of the other orderly fashion, I seem to be living in a kind of severely abbreviated Rip Van Wrinkle reality. Case in point.… Continue reading a lovely(ish) day

must try harder…

…or my ongoing attempt to read tarot. As I wrote about last year (! I can’t believe it is another year),  I had begun to learn tarot.  After a rather frustrating beginning, I, with the reassurance of a dachshund tarot deck had started to make a wee bit of progress.  Sort of. Since then, I… Continue reading must try harder…

Accidental Tarot

Do you remember back at the beginning of the pandemic, with the first of the lock downs/stay at home/shelter in place orders, the initial fear/panic and compliance?  We stocked our cupboards as best we could, thanked our deity of choice for having cupboards in our life as well as the ability to stock said cupboards,… Continue reading Accidental Tarot

Gluten free delight(s)

I had a – I don’t think ‘spectacular’ would be an exaggeration – gluten free bakery experience this weekend. I ordered, and picked up from, Cherbourg bakery. Simply wonderful! A polenta rosemary lemon cake that was out of this world, donuts and a carrot cake twinkie – the baker here specializes in a balance of… Continue reading Gluten free delight(s)


My cherry tree is coming into bloom.


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